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Doing something….

I don’t know is it just me or is the world🙈🙉 just feel like every one does something goes somewhere and feel that I am just staying put, just every time someone asks me what I am doing this weekend, this summer this celebration etc I feel quilty because I am not doing anything special,Continue reading “Doing something….”

Long time no post…

I just realised that it has been a while now since I last wrote a post… Been busy with uni and exercising, and didn’t had any ideas on what should I wrote and post… Just no imagination Entered into a phase in my life where I am more motivated into exercising and eating healthy andContinue reading “Long time no post…”

End of diet

Hi guys, today’s post is about me finishing my diet, at least for now, so after 5weeks I have lost 9kg, from 73 now at 64, I would like to lose another 4kg in the future, though without diet, only to eat healthy and do every day exercises. It is difficult honestly, last 2 weeksContinue reading “End of diet”


Recently, probably just because I was on a diet, and yepp I was😅 done with it today, and let’s see tomorrow what the scale says… I have noticed that I spend too much time thinking about food, and speaking about food, I don’t think that is all only because I couldn’t eat certain foods, IContinue reading “Food”

Social distancing

Reading the news papers and watching news on tv about the new lines regarding this pandemic and what to do next, it is like almost nothing is changed for most of us. Wondering when all will be behind us and continue to live like we used to… But will we? Live like we used to?Continue reading “Social distancing”

About Death…

I want to write today about my feelings about death… It is a strange topic, eventheless this day is spoken alot about it with all that’s happening in the world… It is sad for me the thought that one day I am here and one day I may be not… In the same time isContinue reading “About Death…”


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