Life eating choices😋

I am now the second week since I have ended my diet and I can say that after first week of eating normal and not too much, I can say moderate, but I have gain back 3kg, pff soo much taking in consideration that I didn’t even eat so much, and I did take care of what I am eating…

This week just with exercise and eating healthy and a lot of fruits and vegetables let’s see where it will take me…

I want next week to start another diet consisting only in eating fruits and vegetables, and I am trying to improve my lifestyle by including much more vegetables and fruits.

I was thinking that probably I should be on a diet for the rest of my life if I want to be fit and happy with myself, however I know that I like eating and I don’t want to go in depression because I am not indulging myself some treats some now and then.

So was thinking what’s the next step, more exercise, even is difficult for me at home with a 2 years old to exercise more, however I am doing yoga each day now since a month and a half. I will have to do more. I have to start living with more vegetables and hopefully soon they will be part of my day to day food, and before I used to eat vegetables but not so many and almost all the time cooked, now I will try and eat more fresh vegetables so they don’t loose from the vitamins.

Why it has to be difficult to loose weight and to improve my lifestyle… Hmmm I just have to do my best and see where that gets me.

Take care and stay safe♥️💙💜


Published by Alina Frincu

I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person, and love to listen and when I am asked to, to give my opinions (to friends I say what I think without asking😜)

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