Results after 3rd week of diet🤗

Hi guys, after difficult and easy days of diet I have reached the end of the 3rd week, to be honest I thought that after the first 2 weeks I will quit, but happy I didn’t do it, even after this 3rd week I have lost only 1kg and I was a bit disappointed in the morning when I have checked my weight, I said to myself that it is OK and not to worry because it is normal this way, better to lose weight in a safe and healthy way than too much one time, so with this beliefs I am moving forward and today starts my 4th week of the diet, and even if I said that I will keep this diet for 4 weeks, I have changed my mind and will keep it until I reach the weight I want, and that’s 60 kg, today I have 67.

Let’s see how this path works for me.

Hope that I will lose another 7kg in the next 3 weeks, wish me luck.

I am still doing Yoga and I just love it, never thought that I will be excited to do yoga each day, hope I will keep this habit for a long term, it makes me feel healthy and relaxed and in the same time I feel full of energy after each session.

I am happy with my journey and realising that time goes so fast, even when you don’t do anything special…

So why not instead of just waste the time to use it to be healthy, happy and make it worth it.

When I look behind, even if they are only 3 weeks since I started I feel more confident that I can do it and that I have decided to do it, is never too late to start doing something you wished to do.

Take care and stay safe ❤️ 💚 💙


Published by Alina Frincu

I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person, and love to listen and when I am asked to, to give my opinions (to friends I say what I think without asking😜)

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