Happiness 💚

What makes us happy?…

Happiness is relative… Some people are happy with a little, and some are happy with luxurious things…

When I see my son dancing, and laughing makes my heart fill with joy and happiness. 💙

Happiness in a box💙

We have to feel sadness and disappointments before we can value happiness.

Sadness comes from all sorts of things… They can be small or big, everything is different for each and one of us.

Happiness can come from eating chocolate or ice cream 😋, from watching a movie or listening to music.

What we choose and how we choose helps us be happy or sad, no one can guarantee a good results. We just have to take chances and just hope for the best, by falling and going back up we can fight for our happiness.

No one has a “cure” or a perfect formula for happiness, is important to be optimistic and see the good in everything, it is how I am. I do know people that cannot be like that even if they try, my advise is for them just to keep trying and foscus their mind on the happy things that happen in life and try as much as they can to make the bad things smaller and see them as “tools?” that help ro find true happiness.

In the end we remember the things that made us happy.

Published by Alina Frincu

I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person, and love to listen and when I am asked to, to give my opinions (to friends I say what I think without asking😜)

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