Day 3 and 4 of diet💚💜💙

Day 3 was alright with only boiled eggs🤗 and I started to drink more water and to do some easy yoga💙

This day seemed to be so much better, probably because I started to get used to eat so much less than before, I had dairy products and I eat most of the day different tipes of cheese, and milk and yogurt 🤗 the same I felt so thirsty all day, maybe because of the salty cheese😅

Feeling lighter already and went to shop and after 30 minutes waiting in the q to get in the shop found everything I needed for this rest of the week and for the next weeks diet, at least for first 3 days🤗💙💜💚

Happy with my commitment, even though it is so difficult when my boy tries to feed me his leftovers, that I used to eat🙄 now I just have to throw them 🙉🙈

Stay safe and take care xxx


Published by Alina Frincu

I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person, and love to listen and when I am asked to, to give my opinions (to friends I say what I think without asking😜)

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