Difficult times

We are living difficult times with this covid-19 and the lock down 😕

What I have learnt from this experience so far is that we have to appreciate what we have, food, water, health and everything what we have we shouldn’t take for granted…

We should be more kind and sensible at those ones around us… You never know when you are next, next one sick, next one who needs food and you cannot find it in the shop…

We have to be grateful for the nature, for the trees and for the sun…💚

It is difficult to stay at home, difficult with kid because we get bored, so what can we expect from a baby, a toddler or a kid no matter the age… Who doesn’t understand why he cannot go for walks or in the park…. We are lucky because we do have a garden, but I feel sorry for those ones that live in a flat…

I just can’t wait for all this to be over and life be back to normal hopefully we will remember this times and we will learn how to be more polite and be more kind and specially remember not to take everything for granted…

Stay safe ❤️💚♥️

Published by Alina Frincu

I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person, and love to listen and when I am asked to, to give my opinions (to friends I say what I think without asking😜)

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