How far would you go for someone that you love?

You did a mistake and you lost her, and now the only think that is on your mind is how to get her back?….

I don’t know a lot of mens😅 but what I can say is what me as a woman would want or expect from a man🤔

First of all I do not like the men’s that they look anxious and they look like they would do anything to get a woman back (of course when there are mutual feelings things are different) .. I do not like the ones that if you really want them to just leave you alone, and they won’t😔

I like a man who is acting like a man.

I like it when a man is giving me enough space to miss him, I would probably get bored if he would just “kiss my ass” all the time, is that the way I am😅

I like a man who makes me feel appreciated and who makes me feel safe, and with whom I can speak about everything, and he sometimes makes me laugh… I think it is difficult to find everything that you want in a man, so you have to see the good things that a man can offer you. For me it is difficult, I mean I have a husband whom I really love, and he is so handsome and he makes me feel safe and loved, however 😅, because it is a butt like I say you cannot have them all… Of course we have our arguments and still need attention sometimes, it is difficult staying at home with the kid and the only think that I do is going to university… So not a lot I guess in terms of socialising, then it comes my pressure on my husband, who works night shifts and has university as well…

What can I say just hope to be patient and find myself something to do all the time so I will not feel the emptiness that I feel staying at home… It will take more 2 years, hopefully until I can get a job, so I can socialise and be out there 😅 because I am a person who likes to speak and have friends 💙💚🧡

Buutt in the same time I do need attention and appreciation…

Pfff us, women, who can understand us, not even us, we cannot understand each other 😅

Published by Alina Frincu

I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person, and love to listen and when I am asked to, to give my opinions (to friends I say what I think without asking😜)

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