Doing something….

I don’t know is it just me or is the world🙈🙉 just feel like every one does something goes somewhere and feel that I am just staying put, just every time someone asks me what I am doing this weekend, this summer this celebration etc I feel quilty because I am not doing anything special, not going anywhere or just maybe feel that I am not doing nothing that would be interesting for them, but my question is why do I feel guilty about it…

I mean why I have to do something…

Maybe doing nothing sometimes makes me happy…


Long time no post…

I just realised that it has been a while now since I last wrote a post…

Been busy with uni and exercising, and didn’t had any ideas on what should I wrote and post…

Just no imagination

Entered into a phase in my life where I am more motivated into exercising and eating healthy and forgot to update here my journey 😅

Still maintaining my weight and trying each day to exercise more and eat healthy each day, this one is a difficult task😂

Why the tasty food is the unhealthy one…. 🙄

Need to make safe and healthy choices and all my life will need to take care of my eating choices🤗

Difficult though not impossible 🙅‍♀️💙

Life eating choices😋

I am now the second week since I have ended my diet and I can say that after first week of eating normal and not too much, I can say moderate, but I have gain back 3kg, pff soo much taking in consideration that I didn’t even eat so much, and I did take care of what I am eating…

This week just with exercise and eating healthy and a lot of fruits and vegetables let’s see where it will take me…

I want next week to start another diet consisting only in eating fruits and vegetables, and I am trying to improve my lifestyle by including much more vegetables and fruits.

I was thinking that probably I should be on a diet for the rest of my life if I want to be fit and happy with myself, however I know that I like eating and I don’t want to go in depression because I am not indulging myself some treats some now and then.

So was thinking what’s the next step, more exercise, even is difficult for me at home with a 2 years old to exercise more, however I am doing yoga each day now since a month and a half. I will have to do more. I have to start living with more vegetables and hopefully soon they will be part of my day to day food, and before I used to eat vegetables but not so many and almost all the time cooked, now I will try and eat more fresh vegetables so they don’t loose from the vitamins.

Why it has to be difficult to loose weight and to improve my lifestyle… Hmmm I just have to do my best and see where that gets me.

Take care and stay safe♥️💙💜


End of diet

Hi guys, today’s post is about me finishing my diet, at least for now, so after 5weeks I have lost 9kg, from 73 now at 64, I would like to lose another 4kg in the future, though without diet, only to eat healthy and do every day exercises.

It is difficult honestly, last 2 weeks I have thought only about food, maybe because I couldn’t eat everything, now I want to try and have a healthy approach and push myself to eat healthy, even sometimes I am sure I will eat also “unhealthy” food just because I love food and love to eat😋

My new goal is that in another one month time to lose this 4 kg. I really hope I will manage to do that only by eating healthy and doing yoga.

I hope I will lose those 4 kg and get to 60 and after that to maintain myself, this is the difficult part of all this, so I will continue to check my weigh every Monday morning, just in case in one week I take more kg to take care the next one.

Again wish me luck, is difficult but with patience and a positive attitude I am sure I will achieve my goal.

Stay safe and take care xxx

Ali 💙


Recently, probably just because I was on a diet, and yepp I was😅 done with it today, and let’s see tomorrow what the scale says…

I have noticed that I spend too much time thinking about food, and speaking about food, I don’t think that is all only because I couldn’t eat certain foods, I think it is something that people like me do it generally, speaking, thinking and cooking FOOD.

To much importance is given to food, of course we have milions of recipes all around the world, and we all need to eat in order to survive, but that’s the thing though WE NEED FOOD TO SURVIVE, not LIVE TO EAT…

I know is difficult, I likee to eat, a bit too much, however I am trying to focus more on Yoga and exercise and always to try and eat a bit less than I used to, because I know that I used to eat more than my body needed just because it was tasty… So I am sure we all do that sometimes.

Just I will try and remember that we eat to live not opposite 💙❤️💚

Social distancing

Reading the news papers and watching news on tv about the new lines regarding this pandemic and what to do next, it is like almost nothing is changed for most of us.

Wondering when all will be behind us and continue to live like we used to…

But will we?

Live like we used to?

I know that this pandemic has got us on difficult and different ways. Some of us fortunately we have savings, some of us we do not, the economy has received a huge punch in the face for all the world.

What is most difficult is that we cannot see the loved ones, and we cannot say goodbye to the loved ones that we lose on the base of this covid. 19. Is just frustrating only the thought that we don’t know what is going to happen, there are 2 months now since my boy is staying at home, 2 months without work or university.

Just want to know that everything will be fine again and I will soon see my mum and sister and hope everyone will be fine and safe.

Stay safe and take care xxx


One month of diet finnished 🙏

I am thrilled with my results after one month of diet, today in the morning when I checked my weight I was happy to see that I have lost in the last month of diet 8kg💙

And this last week 2kg, and now I have 65 kg from 73, really happy with my result and I have decided to keep the diet a bit longer, this week as well and I will decide again next Monday if I will continue again or no.

It was difficult and the most difficult part will follow after I finally finnish with the diet because I need to be careful not to gain back what I have lost in the last month.

By continuing with yoga I hope to manage to maintain my weigh and of course I need to be careful about what I am going to eat as well, healthy and less food for me from now on.

Of course I will have days when I will eat sweets or have cravings, however I will try to eat less from whatever.

Will keep you posted with this week results on next Monday.

Take care and stay safe xxx


Results after 3rd week of diet🤗

Hi guys, after difficult and easy days of diet I have reached the end of the 3rd week, to be honest I thought that after the first 2 weeks I will quit, but happy I didn’t do it, even after this 3rd week I have lost only 1kg and I was a bit disappointed in the morning when I have checked my weight, I said to myself that it is OK and not to worry because it is normal this way, better to lose weight in a safe and healthy way than too much one time, so with this beliefs I am moving forward and today starts my 4th week of the diet, and even if I said that I will keep this diet for 4 weeks, I have changed my mind and will keep it until I reach the weight I want, and that’s 60 kg, today I have 67.

Let’s see how this path works for me.

Hope that I will lose another 7kg in the next 3 weeks, wish me luck.

I am still doing Yoga and I just love it, never thought that I will be excited to do yoga each day, hope I will keep this habit for a long term, it makes me feel healthy and relaxed and in the same time I feel full of energy after each session.

I am happy with my journey and realising that time goes so fast, even when you don’t do anything special…

So why not instead of just waste the time to use it to be healthy, happy and make it worth it.

When I look behind, even if they are only 3 weeks since I started I feel more confident that I can do it and that I have decided to do it, is never too late to start doing something you wished to do.

Take care and stay safe ❤️ 💚 💙


About Death…

I want to write today about my feelings about death… It is a strange topic, eventheless this day is spoken alot about it with all that’s happening in the world…

It is sad for me the thought that one day I am here and one day I may be not… In the same time is true and you never know when your time is up…

I do avoid thinking about it to much, but I found myself recently thinking alot about friends or relatives that passed away and that makes me wonder what is after death… Is just a sleep from what you never wake up… You just dissappear from this world and you leave everything and eberyone behind….

That scares me to be honest, and I want to remember myself that I am noy eternal, only my actions will stay im the memories of my kid and it is what’s important, to live and make great memories and be grateful for life and all her blessings.

Don’t waste time and live your life beautifully!!! ❤️💙💚

2nd week results 🤗

Hi guys, sorry for posting a bit late.

After second week I managed to lose another 2.5 kg, which is great❤️

I continue with the diet in the same way for this week and next one and hopefully when I finish the month of diet I will have between 8 and 10 kg less, it is not easy, but to be honest the first week was difficult, second one was better, and let see how this one is going to work.

I am confident and adding Yoga since the second week makes me feel great, my goals are to continue to do yoga for the whole year even after I get the weight I want, just because Yoga makes me feel good and gives me energy and since I started my back pain went away. Soo a big Plus for me💚

Take care and stay safe ❤️ 💚 ♥️